Welcome Letter

I am guessing that you have wandered onto this page because you are either

A. My Mother

B. Hoping I will stop promoting my blog on Facebook once I get enough views

C. Experiencing a very slow day at work and have actually seen everything else on the internet already

In any case, welcome!

My passion has always been a little more creative than my logistical based job has allowed me to express in the past. Since I am regularly surrounded by some of the most creative and talented people in the television world, I hope to remedy that and open the door to being more than just the girl with the quick wit on the production team.

I don’t have a very solid philosophy behind this blog just yet, but I do know that my mind runs a million miles a minute and I am typically entertained by some of the stuff that gets cranked out of there. So, I will dedicate this site to those random thoughts and put up a variety of materials in varying styles as they come to me.

Hopefully you will find some of this stuff as interesting and humorous as I often do!

Thanks for the support!



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