Beyond The End: A theoretic look into the future of some of Hollywood’s famous on screen couples

After 30 years of the lavish freedoms of a confident, single, ball-busting producer in the world of television, I find myself constantly facing off with the reality of my future. I have finally found a relationship where I don’t want to kill my partner every other day (every other week is a different story) and there is a small part of me that fears this is the fist sign I will end up with the one thing I have always dreaded; a very mundane existence.

It’s not lost on me that 5 out of 10 marriages end in divorce these days. Luckily, after a quick Google search, I’ve come to learn this trend is on a slight decline for couples that were married after the 1980’s. Perhaps we can blame it all on John Hughes for giving birth to such relatable characters, that us young ladies of the 80’s allowed ourselves to conclude we had stumbled on to a guided map to the inner workings of love. I am beginning to think this is how my mind created that glittery, pink, pedestal where I, and so many others, placed that crazy little thing called love.

However, I am only slightly delusional, proof of this being that I often find myself asking what happened to these fantastic pairings after the credits stopped rolling. Did Samantha Baker manage to keep her quirk over time and did Jake Ryan end up giving her his name? Did Phil Connors find a way to stick it out with Rita after he was freed from his Groundhogs day trap, or would the six years of repetition pursuing the same woman have him tiring of his love far before the feeling was mutual?

Over the next few days I will be taking the time to re-evaluate my top 10 cinematic couplings over the past 30 years and try to determine logically if I think they had what it takes to make it past the fade to black. Obviously, I will be selecting from a smaller pool of options seeing that I will only consider open ended story lines.  I am super excited about this and I hope you are too!