3 thoughts on “Why I didn’t love Making a Murderer as much as you

  1. Really good point that I hadn’t yet thought about — that what separates this story from Serial (and even The Jinx) is that those stories were more compelling, because we were following someone’s futile yet passionate quest to get to the bottom of the story. Murderer kind of gets there — in the way that the defense attorneys talk through alternate theories of the case… but you’re right, it would have been far more compelling had they chased after the truth in the same way. I definitely don’t feel as though MAM needed to be a 10 episode series…. My complaint is that almost every episode felt as though its runtime was padded by repeating bites — or at least letting their narrators and interview subjects repeat themselves.


    • I totally agree with you on the 10 episodes, I imagine the producers knew they only had enough content for 5 or 6 episodes, but Netflix wanted 10 so they did what only truly skilled producers can do and threw in 4 hours of snow covered car shots!


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