Beyond The End: Review 7 – Forgetting Sarah Marshall – 2008


Peter Bretter & Rachel Jansen

Why I love it:

I remember hearing about this movie for the first time opening week. I was on a film set and one of my co-workers told a hilarious story about seeing the writer and star, Jason Segel at The Grove mall trying to hit on some girls by convincing them to ditch the other movie they came to see and go watch his instead. Apparently, the interaction was so embarrassingly unsuccessful the guy who shared it could barely get through a handful of words before breaking into a laughing fit. That is when I knew deep down that I must support Jason Segel and bought a ticket for the very next day.


Celebrity relationships are hard to hold on too, as Peter learns when his television star girlfriend of 5 years, Sarah Marshall, dumps him for a rock star. In the wake of his devastation, Peter decides to take a beautiful island vacation, but his joy is cut short when his ex and her new boyfriend check into the same resort. The cute front desk clerk, Rachel Jansen takes pity on a very broken Peter and gives the guest special attention in an attempt to distract him. Rachel and Peter develop feelings for one another but the rocky relationship between Sarah and her new beau has her trying to rush back into Peter’s arms. Never the one to play second fiddle, Rachel dumps Peter and cuts off communication. Back in LA on the opening night of Peter’s rock opera, Rachel makes a surprise appearance and the two admit their feelings and reconcile.

Couple Conclusion:

I predict that Peter and Rachel would have a very solid relationship. You have to think that a girl as attractive as Rachel has likely had suitors throwing themselves at her everyday of her life. Given that, still she went out of her way several months after the split to track Peter down, and makes me think she’s got it deep. It’s not just that Peter is sweet and would devote himself to pleasing any woman he ended up with, but there is a total cool factor behind him simply because he is a Hollywood composer and makes really cool and unique things like a puppet opera. I can just imagine this couple trying fiercely to follow the rule of never going to bed angry, and that is a tough one to stick to.


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