Beyond The End: Review 10 – Jerry McGuire – 1996


Jerry McGuire & Dorothy Boyd

Why I love it:

“You complete me.” Sigh, those are the three best words I have ever heard as a substitute to “I Love You.”   I was at my peak of being an observer of love, taking everything in like a sponge and making lists of qualities the man of my dreams would possess. It tuns out that Jerry McGuire had quite a lot of them.


Jerry McGuire is a playboy sports agent with a special set of skills that are only shared with the shadiest of used car salesmen. One night, Jerry unexpectedly grows a conscience and attempts to start a very vocal revolution that would offer better care and consideration of his fellow man, but deeply hurt the pockets of his stockholders. After losing his job, fiancée and money, Jerry struggles to start his own company with the support of a lowly secretary who surprisingly decides to throw away a secure job and go all in with Jerry. Feeling responsible for this woman and her son, Jerry jumps the gun and marries Dorothy, but the two experience the rockiness that accompanies marrying a relative stranger. In the end, Jerry realizes that despite the rapid speed that temporarily derailed the relationship, Dorothy ultimately had everything he wanted in a spouse.

Couple Conclusion:

This may be the most controversial, but I think these two will make it. The fact that Jerry already had a long history with the sweet bachelor lifestyle and then passes on the opportunity to return to it free from guilt tells me the guy is ready to be a committed man. So, as long as he holds on to that charisma and leadership attitude, Dorothy will stay by his side and be the greatest cheerleader anyone can ask for. Plus, Jerry loves her son and if the end of the movie is any indication, that kid went on to be a pro-ball player under the guidance of his very proud stepfather, Jerry.


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