Beyond The End: Review 6 – Pretty Woman – 1990


Edward Lewis & Vivian Ward

Why I love it:

This is another all-time favorite of mine that I have kept close to the heart since I was a young girl. That said, the 6 year old me had no clue what was actually happening through most of the film for my first decade of fandom. During the 10 years lived in Los Angeles I would often yell out “Hey Mister, what’s your dream?” Sure, it would probably make more sense to do that on Hollywood Blvd. outside the set of Vivian’s motel, but I preferred the wide stares I’d get when directing my question to the seagulls in the middle of Venice beach. I’m a rebel.


Edward Lewis is an aging business owner who specializes in the hostile takeover and callous destruction of others businesses. When landing in LA on a work trip, fate has him cross paths with a charming prostitute he decides to hire for the week to pose as his girlfriend. Vivian’s improper, yet infectious spirit propels Edward into changing not only his business model, but his life as well.

Couple Conclusion:

A very key underlying and vastly overlooked message in this film is that no matter how low on the totem pole of life you are, there are still people out in this world who are willing too explore what is beyond your face value. Granted, they’re not easy to find, but they’re out there. I give this couple a big thumbs up for a future. By the end of the movie, Edward has already conquered what some men fear the most of their significant others – that they will turn out to be a whore! And I doubt Vivian would be quick to opt out of the luxurious lifestyle that she’d be provided with. Perhaps, given her former profession there would be tales of adventurous sex and possibly an open relationship, but I think that would just keep things spicy until death does them part.


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