Beyond The End: Review 5 – How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days – 2003


Benjamin Barry & Andie Anderson

Why I love it:

I don’t know what it is, but anytime I see this movie playing on TV, I just can’t bring myself to turn it off and it doesn’t even matter if it’s playing back to back all day long. I absolutely adore the lovelorn lunatic Andie plays when she is desperately trying to get Ben to dump her. My particular favorite is the mental person scene when Ben is hosting some of his buddies for poker game and Andie flips out over the death of their love fern.


Benjamin Barry and Andie Anderson’s entire careers will depend on each other, but they just don’t know it yet. Ben, a cocky advertising executive is aggressively pursuing a new account, but his boss will only let him land it if Ben can live up to his claim that he can make any woman in the world genuinely fall in love with him. Unfortunately for Ben, Andie is his randomly chosen subject and what he won’t know is she too in the process of advancing her career by faking a relationship. Andie’s newest article assignment at Composure Magazine involves giving a man the worst ride of his life as she explores every crazy, clingy female cliché to get him to break up with her. It doesn’t take long for Ben to begin to crack under the pressure of a very unpredictable Andie, but the more time that she spends around his charm, the harder it becomes to stick to her annoying persona. Both eventually discover the others motive behind the relationship and just when it looks like the whole thing is going to implode they realize that they have legitimately fallen in love. (Insert aww’s here)

Couple Conclusion:

To survive the level of antics that Andie played on Ben and come out the other end with him electing to be in that relationship gives me hope for a strong future. Both are sexy and fun people with exciting careers that would keep them busy and give them a level of independence a lot of couples miss out on. This is the couple I would call last minute to join me for an exotic vacation to Bali or camping in the Redwoods. I just love them!


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