Beyond The End: Review 3 – Can’t Hardly Wait – 1998


Preston Meyers & Amanda Beckett

Why I love it:

I loved this movie from the very first time I saw it. I may have just been starting my adventures in high school, but I could already relate to the angst of Denise Fleming and the passion of Preston Meyers, mostly aimed at whoever happened to be my crush of the week. The multiple story lines ended up supplying the film with a huge cast and I think just about anyone who had a speaking role went on to do great things. One of my all time favorite scenes happens when Amanda Beckett asks some stoned schoolmates what Preston looks like, and the pair hilariously cannot agree on much else besides that he’s maybe sort of tall, has brown or blonde hair and is always wearing T-Shirts. Thanks for the help, guys!


High school is officially over and the biggest party of the year will bring together the entire graduating class one last time. Preston Meyers knows it’s probably his last chance to profess his love for the newly single and high school “it” girl, Amanda Beckett. Anything and everything seems to get in the way of his ability to express himself, but Amanda stumbles upon Preston’s discarded love letter and decides to track down and get to know her admirer.

Couple Conclusion:

I love this couple and I wish I could make myself think it was going to be possible for them to start a relationship after only spending 6 hours together before heading in different directions. However, I can attest that distance is too hard on a couple with an established history, let alone one that hasn’t even really begun. I imagine they spent several months glued to their phones playing make believe and building up a fantasy partner who would never be quite as good in person. I bet Amanda gradually stops picking up the phone, and after a year, officially ends things so she can “get to know herself.” And you just know she winds up married to a hedge fund manager a few years later because, well – she’s hot! But don’t worry, Preston will end up with a cute Asian girl he meets his last year of college. Despite being apart, it’s all happy endings here.


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