Beyond The End: Review 1 – Dirty Dancing – 1987


Johnny Castle & Baby Housman

Why I love this movie:

Dirty Dancing was the first VHS I managed to wear down to the point of annihilation. Who could resist the urge to repetitively rewind that last dance sequence to the point where white streaks filled the frame of the TV screen and you couldn’t even really see the final lift? You can call this Megan’s intro to loving bad boys. Of course, as a 30 year old who now has loved and tossed out many a brute, I may be slathering some real life experience into this conclusion.


The film takes place in 1963, when a young girl vacationing with her family in the Catskill Mountains over the summer falls for the resorts rough-and-tumble dance instructor. After immersing herself into the lover boy’s drama, her Father bans her from seeing him ever again and the gates for forbidden love are opened. Eventually the Father comes around after a case of mistaken identity is cleared up. And then, they dance!

Couple Conclusion:

I’ve given this great thought and the problem I see with the future of this pairing is that even though I am assuming they did get married, considering the time period and expectations that would be in place for a predominant family, I simply can’t see it lasting. I feel as though Baby would grow tired of the many things that made Johnny so appealing in the first place. She would probably have to give up her dreams of saving the world to sit around popping out babies, all while secretly borrowing money from her parents to support the lifestyle of her seasonally out of work husband. I see 10 years, three kids and one 1970’s slightly more socially acceptable divorce in her future. Sorry, Baby.


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